Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sharing my Passion with You!

This is a place to share my passion for my dogs with anyone who may care to read about them.  I currently have six dogs.  For the most part I am a stay at home dog mommy, but I am also a massage therapist, and an entrepreneur through and through I don't ever see a day where I will work for someone else and take a paycheck, but..........never say never.

The eldest of my dogs is a Lab mix, Morgan.  She will be 14 in September, she has been with me all of my adult life, my true friend and soul mate.  Morgan is a therapy dog, certified through TDI, she has done her work at both my massage therapy office and various nursing homes.  Morgan is a very  kind a gentle soul that has always lead a very peaceful and quiet existence.

It is only fair that this spot is held for our dear Harley-Jack, who in his own way started us down a  path in  life that will always be filled with Labradors.  We lost Harley on May 19, 2011 and you can read more about him in a blog I dedicated to him and the bond that we shared with him, from time to time I will add memories there. 
Harley-Jack was our angel for 4 years and will continue to be for the rest of our lives even though he has moved on.

Flury is our 4 year old, yellow, English Labrador Retriever.  Sweet and kind immediately come to mind and truly she is a dog that has never met a stranger, everyone she meets befriends Flury.  Flury had her first litter with us in October 2010, three large puppies, two boys and a girl.  We are planing another litter for her this October.  With or without puppies, Flury enjoys all of the comforts of being a house dog. 

Bella is our 2 year old, black, English Labrador Retriever.  Bella has truly kept us hoping since she came here in the Spring of 09.  A very active, smart, and cunning young lady that can run circles around the brain pan of any human and will always capitalize on your guard being down.  We have harnessed her intelligence with competitive obedience, as stimulating her brain produces more productive results than just physical exercise. She has definitely mellowed with age and we are looking forward to a bright future with her.
(Picture coming soon!)

Cache (pronounced Cash) is our 1 year old, yellow, English Labrador Retriever.  Goof-ball is the first description that comes to mind for this boy.  A total cuddle, nuzzle bug, but still trying to figure out what to do with his paws and legs and how they connect to the rest of him.  You can't be around this boy and not smile, absolutely everything we could hope for in a foundation stud for our line.  Beauty and personality, he's truly a total package for us.

Falyn is Flury's daughter from the October 2010 litter.  A diva from birth she would come running whenever anyone said, "Where's the pretty girl???"  She is very well put together and balanced and will be a great second generation for our line.  She is an earnest retriever and very eager to please and learn.  She won her class at her first dog show and then took RWB, we were more than pleased with her performance.

Xena is our beautiful chocolate import from the Okeanas Elite Kennel in Lithuania.  We have taken to calling this puppy "Easy" a lot of the time, of all of our puppies she has truly been one of the easiest to raise thus far.  Coming to us from across the world on a trip that wasn't flawless, out of the airline crate popped the happiest and most well adjusted puppy we could ask for, no worse for the trip or the wear.  She is a welcome addition to our Home Team.

My Tattle Tale!

All of my dogs are house dogs although they are not all loose in the house at the same time.  They are groups that have a balanced dynamic and from time to time the members of those groups is changed, but for the most part knowing who goes with who isn't hard.  At this time of day Bella and Flury were the dogs loose in the main part of the house, while Morgan was in the master bedroom, where she leads her comfortable and posh existence.  I will on occasion give my dogs fresh, raw, soup bones that I freeze to decrease the mess in the house.  These are very large knuckle bones (2+ pounds minimum) that are in the butcher's case at my local grocery store.  They have a good amount of raw meat on them and the bones act both as a teeth cleaner and a breath freshener.  My dogs never have these bones unsupervised and if a piece is bitten off and they have a small piece of bone they know they have to give it to me, all I really  have to do is look at them and they drop the piece on the floor, I take it and then they go back to working on the big piece.  Today I found out just how well some of them "know the rules."  I know there are mixed reviews whether or not these bones are a good idea, believe me I am not here to debate that, I trust you will do what's right for your dogs and I will continue to do what is right for mine.

My husband was home and I had walked into the bedroom where he was to tell him something, when we heard Bella barking.  It wasn't a bark that set off any alarms for me, like a child's voice, the tone and volume of a dogs bark can tell you a lot without being in the presence of the dog.  She was barking persistently, but I had no idea at what and sometimes, it really is at something I can't see or hear.  I came out of our bedroom and took the long way back to the living room where Bella and Flury were and saw that Bella was clearly barking "at" Flury.  Flury had bitten off a piece of her bone, about half the size of my palm and continued to chew on it.  Flury immediately dropped it to give it to me, and Bella immediately stopped barking and went back about her business with her own bone.  Bella is definitely the Alpha here, but I had no idea tattle tale went with that title, what a stinker!!  They surprise and inspire me on a daily basis, couldn't imagine a life that isn't surrounded with my Labradors.